Damages and Diseases Caused by Mice and Rats

West London pest control studies show rapid growth in the population of mice and rats in the cities. It’s mainly caused by the fact that these rodents depend on man-made conditions and they prosper on human wastes. These pests live in the sewers, underground, houses and flats. They have a high level of adaptability to various types of environment. They have the highest propagation speed among the mammals.

When a person faces a rodent infestation, he or she should be ready for a serious battle. Read below the information based on West London pest control studies that will tell you about damages and diseases that are caused by mice and rats. Moreover, you will obtain data on how to avoid or decrease the impact of rodents’ attack.

Damages and diseases caused by rodents.

These animals crawl everywhere and collect various germs and bacteria. They can be completely harmless for animals, while they are extremely dangerous for a human being. Rats and mice damage a common ratprivate property and cause many other problems.

  • Mice and rats bites are very toxic. The ferments in the saliva of the rodents can cause a rat bite fever that can lead to liver and kidney damage, so it’s strongly advisable to avoid being bitten.
  • Some rats attack children. Rats are more aggressive than mice. West London pest control organizations states that there were situations when a pack of rats had attacked a defenseless baby.
  • They contaminate products. Constant migration is an excellent way of rapid infection transfer. Salmonella, leptospirosis, typhus, eosinophilic meningitis and many other diseases are spread by rats and mice. All of them are extremely dangerous and contagious.
  • The rodents’ droppings spoil the food, as they are very poisonous.
  • Rats and mice can damage furniture and even concrete walls due to their constant gnawing nature.
  • According to West London pest control organization, a lot of commercial companies have suffered losses from rodent infestation for the last decade.

Preventive measures.

  • You should keep your products in metal or glass boxes to protect food from rodents.
  • Use steel wires or concrete to fill the gaps in exterior walls.
  • Regularly check your sewer system.
  • Set traps in suspiciously looking places.
  • Keep your house and flat clean to eliminate places, where rodents can hide.
  • Check your pets for a suspicious behavior as they can feel the presence of rats and mice.
  • In case you notice a rat or a mouse, hire an exterminator or in several weeks you risk to see several dozens of these pests.

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