Where To Put The Printer?

Everyone needs to access the printer in the office, often at the same time; but where is the best place to put it? This has been quite the topic of debate for a few years now, which is why we’ve compiled the below list of appropriate and inappropriate places for people to congregate around the office centrepiece. Click here to buy printer cartridges online today!

Next to the water cooler

Now, the idea of putting things together in one place seems sensible enough. However, pricey pieces of electrical equipment and sources of water isn’t a good combination. All it takes is a knocked over drink, and you may find your company with a large repair bill. Having a refreshing beverage isn’t really necessary whilst waiting for your 3-page document, so consider revising your business’ guidelines with drinks and electrical goods.

In the middle of the office

While this may seem like the most convenient and sensible place to put the printer, it is counter-productive. Having a printer in a visible, and easily accessible place is likely to encourage employees to print more, leading to unnecessary printing. Instead, consider placing it in a corner where printer stock can also be kept. This will also help your business to be more eco-friendly.

The ‘printer room’

Having a room dedicated to printing can work wonders in terms of productivity, storage and convenience. By placing the office printer in its own room, it allows you to keep it out of harm’s way of harm and also means that all the supplies such as paper, ink and folders can be kept together; saving time usually spent wandering round looking for them. Your business may also find that this deters employees from over printing since the printer is not in sight.

The kitchena comfortable corner for printing

It is alarming to see the amount of businesses that have their printer setup in the same location as their kitchen area. Unless the company requires the washing of documents first, we strongly advise against this location. Not only is it dangerous, but it also does no favours for productivity within the office. While picking up the printing, it may seem a little too easy for colleagues to have a chat with the person making their tea.

In one person’s office

Seemingly tucked away and in a room by itself, the poor employee who was probably used to the peace and quiet of their own office is now stuck with the noise of the printer. Not to mention all the comings and goings of those collecting their printing or photocopying; potentially very disruptive.


This is actually an ideal place to base the printer as it does not disturb anyone and doesn’t invite social gatherings. Placing the printer away from everyone in the office means no one need draw the short straw and be sat next to it, potentially maintaining a happy medium in the office.

Reception area

Having a printer in an area where clients and customers are likely to be passing through doesn’t look very professional and can cause a cluttered look to the first area they will see.

Now that we have identified some of the places to put your printer, printer cartridges, paper and other essentials make sure you have your store cupboard fully stocked. Having a printer in the ideal place and not being able to use it, doesn’t offer the best in productivity. For the UK’s cheapest printers and cartridges be sure to hop over to our designated web pages such as http://www.printware.co.uk/Products/Dept/Printers/Group/Colour-Laser-Printers/Home.html today and throw out your old printers.

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