7 Demanded Samurai Sword Types

There are different classifications of samurai swords. For example, some people prefer to categorize them in accordance with their age, thus dividing them into 6 main periods. Most users and fans use the following classification:

  1. Tachi. It is the original staple sword of samurais. The most interesting detail is that it has a longer size compared to famous katana, and it was worn originally with its blade facing down. Pay attention to the signature on its blade tang, as it is another determining factor.
  2. Katana. There are many experts who agree that this samurai sword is evolved from the first one. Its wearing position made is the most effective weapon. This type is all about the honor and prestige of samurais. At present, katana is the most popular sword.a samurai sword in detail
  3. Wakizashi. It is possible to divide this group into two sub-types. Its larger version, which may resemble katana, is called o-wakizashi, while the shorter one is ko-wakizashi. This samurai sword is famous for its small size, as this is what makes it a very versatile weapon. Do not forget that even low classes were able to wear and use it.
  4. Tantou. There is an opinion that it is an original tactical knife that is available on its double and single blade versions. This weapon is fast and reliable and it has a flat and short blade. Many people use it as an ornate testament nowadays.
  5. Oudachi. Such samurai swords are quite long and they were used as some sort of ceremonial offering. The process of their creation is quite expensive and long and that’s why their price is high. They have a large blade, and this is what makes them a bit difficult to use when practicing.
  6. Nagamaki. This term can be translated as a long wrap. This characteristic described this samurai sword, and it is less stringent in terms of its construction. Its blade resembled katana, but its handle is much cruder. You may think that such swords are less elegant, but they are very strong.
  7. Naginata. Some people think that it is a spear, but not a samurai sword. It is considered as an iconic weapon and symbolic item of wealth and honor. Pay attention to its original ornate and construction.

It is only up to you to choose the most suitable samurai sword type. You need to think about your personal likes, basic requirements and available budget first.

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