The World’s Most Murderous Siblings

When it comes to crime, murder and all those edgy and terrible things are portrayed on the big screen with so much intrigue and the criminal double act is beloved above all others; Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louise, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, their names known to all and their exploits are the stuff of true urban legend.However, it is not unheard of for a pair of siblings to team up and go on murderous rampages, terrorise communities and carve out a bloody reputation in the criminal underworld. Some of the siblings in this article are well known while others not so much, but either way they have left a lasting and, at times, disturbing mark on the places they lived and plied their murderous trade.

The Shen Brothers

Perhaps among the most notorious killers in China’s history, the Shen brothers had humble beginnings. Born at a farm in Henan Province, China, the pair grew up working the family trade. When they were older they left home and founded a car repair business in a neighbouring city. Unfortunately for them and the Chinese people, the business failed and they turned to the highly lucrative business of murder.

Though it is thought that the Shen Brothers started killing people for their belongings in 1999, they became notorious in 2003 when they started preying on women in clubs and brothels. Their first victim under their new business strategy was a prostitute called Yao Fang. She was kidnapped and made to hand over her bank details before being strangled and dismembered. Over a 2 year period, the murderous pair travelled around China and killed 11 women in this fashion before being caught in 2004, following an anonymous tip off. After their capture it came to light that the brothers were in fact dissolving the bodies of their victims with sulphuric acid before dumping the remains into the sewer.  They were sentenced to death in 2005.

The Kray Twins

Born in 1933 in Hoxton, East London, the Kray Twins Ronnie and Reggie grew up to be the most notorious gangsters to ever operate in England. Over the years their gang “The Firm” became one of the most influential in the capital and they schmoozed with politicians and prominent entertainers, becoming akin to celebrities in their own right. However, it was known that the pair had a darker side; with The Firm they ran protection rackets and were linked to a string of assaults, arsons and armed robberies. Ronnie perhaps says it best in his autobiography, “Me and my brother ruled London. We were f****** untouchable…”

Ronnie shot George Cornell, a rival gangster, in the Blind Beggar pub in Whitechapel, which can be seen via our London Tours!. Due to witness intimidation, no one was ever tried for his murder. The pair also murdered the colourfully named Jack “The Hat” McVitie in cold blood in an underground apartment in the East End. Though the pair were linked to a string of gang related murders, they managed to operate for so long due to the infamous “wall of silence”; no one would tell the police anything, they knew what would happen if they did. Eventually, a determined Scotland Yard inspector by the name Leonard “Nipper” Read managed to gather enough evidence and squeeze a few witness statements out of informants to finally get the pair put behind bars in 1968. Ronnie died behind bars in 1995, while his brother was released on compassionate grounds only to die of cancer a week later. Though gone, their legend lives on in a wealth of books – Read more, films and even Krays tours that run on their old stomping grounds.

The Gonzalez Sisters Delfina and María de Jesús González

Delfina and María de Jesús González, known locally as Las Poquianchis, ran an extensive prostitution ring in the Mexican state of Guanajuato during the 50s and 60s. As you can already tell, these sisters were not the most pleasant of people, but when it came to recruiting new girls for their business, they were truly brutal.

They would put false advertisements looking for maids in local newspapers; the adverts reportedly promised “good pay and a home away from home”. The unsuspecting and unfortunate girls who responded were then promptly kidnapped, robbed and tortured before being forced into sexual slavery…and this was just the beginning. The captured women and girls were often given drugs so that they would become addicted and if they should become pregnant, loose their looks or fall ill then they would be killed and their bodies disposed of.

Needless to say, Las Poquianchis met their end when several of their victims managed to escape and alerted the authorities. When police investigated the sister’s ranch, Rancho El Angel, they found the remains of around 80 women and a dozen men. The pair was found guilty and imprisoned for 40 years.

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