What to Do if You Are Faced with Aggravated DUI Charges

There are different circumstances that may lead to aggravated DUI charges. They result in more serious penalties, such as a mandatory jail sentence. If you are arrested for committing this crime, your first step is to contact a reliable lawyer who will protect your best interests and prepare the best defense. That’s because this case should not be taken lightly.

a glass of alcohol, car keys and handcuffsBasically, aggravated DUI can be caused by having your extremely high blood alcohol content, speeding, eluding police officers, transporting minors, injuring other people, and so on. When being involved in a road accident, you will have to cover the expenses and losses of victims.

This type of conviction always results in a jail sentence and suspending your driving license for one year minimum. You may be required to complete a special multiple offender program. Do not forget that taking this step is expensive.

Some accused drivers have to install a special ignition interlock device. This means that they will pass a breath test each time when planning to operate their vehicle. If they block alcohol content is higher than allowed, they won’t be able to drive a car and courts will be informed about this violation. Offenders are always responsible for the expenses involved in this installation.

The great news is that qualified attorneys will help you fight aggravated DUI charges. They will be on your side and do everything possible to protect your rights and ensure positive outcomes. Make sure that you hire the best aggravated dui lawyer in Scottsdale if you live there. This specialist can review the results of your BAC and other tests to determine whether it is possible to win your case. Your legal representative will examine other prods to build the strongest defense.

There are different steps that should be taken to make a good choice and end up with high quality legal services.

  • Find out more about success rates. The higher they are, the better chances you have to win your DUI case.
  • Check the reputation of local drunk driving lawyers. Pay attention to their backgrounds and reviews.
  • Focus on their past cases because they should be similar to yours. This is how you will understand what to expect when hiring the particular attorney.
  • Compare their fee structures. Make sure that they are flexible and fit your available budget or you risk ending up with financial complications and scams.
  • Ask a number of questions to determine their professional skills.

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