8 Steps to File a Workers Comp Claim

As soon as you become injured at work, you become eligible to get certain benefits from your company owner to compensate medical costs and lost wages. If you want to qualify for them, report your employer about work-related injuries and diseases within one month. Do not forget to handle the necessary paperwork and take several important steps. It is always best to do everything with the help of experienced workers compensation law attorneys.

  1. Prepare the forms and papers necessary to file your claim. Ask your boss to provide you with these forms, visit official online resources to print them or entrust this task to your legal representative.a work injury claim ready to be filled out
  2. Fill out special claim forms. You will be required to provide your contact information, injury details and some other facts, such as the address and name of your employer.
  3. Give these documents to your boss by hand or via certified mail carriers. You must be provided with their carbon copy. Your employer has to submit all papers to insurance providers within one business day.
  4. Complete the application of your adjudication form. Its basic purpose is to gather important details about your medical conditions, possible hearings, and so on. You will have to provide the same information as before. Consult with your workers comp lawyer who can do everything on your behalf.
  5. Sign your DPLC form. This is how you will indicate that you didn’t ask your doctor to provide any fraudulent data to help you.
  6. Complete the so-called document cover sheet. This paper must be placed on the top of other important forms to indicate your intent to file a workers comp lawsuit. You are required to provide your personal and medical information once again. Give your social security number and date.
  7. Take care of a document separator sheet for each document you include in your claim. The main purpose of these sheets is to keep all papers separated and well-organized. Place them between each form included in your paperwork.
  8. Wait up to two weeks to get a letter from an insurance provider. It can either approve your workers compensation requirements and state important payment details, or you are going to receive a letter of denial. If your lawsuit is denied, you should not despair because it is still possible to get what you deserve. Hire the best workers compensation law attorney to protect your rights and interests when escalating your claim in a court.

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