What You Should Know about BAC Tests

Your blood alcohol content is the amount of this substance present in blood. If you are arrested because of committing a DUI crime, this aspect is very important.a policeman checking a driverThat’s why you need to learn more about different BAC tests. Hire the best dui lawyer to protect your rights and avoid the worst outcomes possible.

When it comes to chemical BAC tests, they work by measuring the weight of alcohol in your blood sample. The higher it is, the more you are prone to all kinds of driving accidents. It is the main reason why driving under the influence of this substance is dangerous.

It makes sense to mention that this kind of testing can be carried out by means of two popular methods. This can be said for blood and breath testing. There are many experts who agree that the first one is more accurate, but none of them is incapable. If you are over 18 years old, you will be required to undergo this testing as soon as you are arrested for DUI. First, police officers may ask you to perform a popular field sobriety test. If you refuse from taking this step, you will be asked to submit a BAC test. This is what will help to determine your blood alcohol content right away. If you refuse from this test, you risk losing your driving license and you may have to face other serious consequences.

  1. Breath testing. You should understand that this pre-arrest test is voluntary and it is conducted using a special hand-held device. You are able to decline it if you want. However, when dealing with a post-arrest breath test, it is conducted using high quality evidentiary machines. You are required to pass this test by law. One of the most famous devices used to conduct it is a Breathalyzer. It must be maintained and used properly.
  2. Blood testing. It is true that this method is more accurate and reliable compared to the first option. This kind of test is performed by taking a blood sample, and this step is taken by professional doctors. It must be analyzed, and you are allowed to request it for some independent analysis.

In conclusion, you should be aware that there are different factors that may affect the results of these BAC tests. The most common ones include the use of non-sterile tubes and other tools. These factors should be used to build a strong DUI case.

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