Quality of Lighting in Bedrooms: Questions and Answers

Why is lighting in bedrooms so special in comparison to other rooms in your home? Why do you have to give more attention to lighting in this room? a nice retro bedroomThe answer is quite simple: a bedroom is a space where you feel the most comfortable, relaxed and peaceful. Lighting plays a very important role in creation of an atmosphere. The atmosphere can be created with the help of decorative lamps, lighting of pictures and even pot flowers, smartly lit niches and designer ceilings, etc. The problem of comfort is solved in the following way: you put down all types of activities you regularly do in your bedroom and evaluate the quality of lighting for each of these activities. The evaluation can be done with the help of the following questions:

Is Lighting of Your Bedroom Functional?

  1. Is the light enough for changing clothes? It should be sufficient not only in the center of your room but also beside wardrobes and even inside them.
  2. A perfect makeup is the one that is made at natural light. Is your makeup table properly lit? You should provide enough light for your makeup table even if it is located beside a window.
  3. Many people love reading in bed. Is your bed properly lit for reading? (Of course, this question makes sense for you if you are a bed-reading lover). Twin and double beds should better have two separate sources of light. Your light should not disturb your spouse if you are reading in bed.
  4. Do you like falling asleep at a soft light of bedside lamps? You should consider having small “Japanese” lamps that are shaded with thick matt membranes that let through dispersed light.
  5. Do you feel discomfort when you turn bright light in the morning? It is a very bad thing for eyes and an unpleasant shock for nerves that are still relaxed after sleeping. Hire a professional like Bob Waibel & Son Electric Co. or any other one in your area and install dimmers instead of usual switches.
  6. Do you spend time at your computer in your bedroom? Have a table lamp that can be directed precisely at the device without spreading the light over the entire room.
  7. Do you have a favorite corner in your bedroom where you usually relax reading, listening to music and so on? Make it more comfortable with the help of a floor lamp.

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