Is Hiring a DUI Defense Attorney Worth the Money?

Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime. However, it’s not legal punishment that you should fear when you decide to drive after having a few drinks. three lawyers talkingThe first thing you should worry about is your safety and future. What will you do if you get into an accident and get injured or injure someone else? Will you be able to live with yourself?

It’s not always that things go this far, but there is always a chance that your drunk driving will ruin your own life. If you are charged with this crime in Arizona, the possibility of this conviction having serious negative effect on your future is extremely high.

If you want to make sure that you get through this unpleasant situation losing as little as possible, you will need to hire Ariano Reppucci DUI defense attorneys, or any other legal law firm that specializes in this type of cases.

Bear in mind that it’s extremely important to hire lawyers that work only with DUI charges. These cases are extremely difficult and require attorneys to have profound knowledge of many subjects, such as:

  • Medical procedures involved in blood and breath testing
  • Equipment used for BAC testing
  • Mechanics of alcohol metabolism
  • Effects of prescription drugs
  • Principles and techniques used in field sobriety tests

Naturally, this knowledge will be used to build your DUI defense that will aim to get the charges either dropped or reduced. Sometimes, even some small detail in the testing machine’s calibration records can become your key to getting the case dismissed. This is why it’s essential to hire the best DUI defense attorney you can find.

If you are worried about the lawyer’s fees, consider the amount of money you will lose in case you get convicted. Even the lightest form of offence, meaning your first conviction with BAC 0.08% will cost you over 1,500$ in fines and court expenses. Add the cost of alcohol counseling (mandatory), 90 days driver’s license suspension, 10 days of jail and you will see that the services of an attorney that can save you from this are worth every penny.

Also, don’t forget that this conviction will be a black mark on your personal record. This means that finding employment or getting promotion will be extremely difficult. Things will get much worse if your charges are more severe. Thus, your future is literally at stake here.

A really good DUI defense lawyer will fight tooth and nail to ensure that you get the lightest punishment possible. However, don’t forget that these specialists aren’t magicians. Thus, you shouldn’t expect a miracle.

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