What Makes CEREC Crowns So Special?

If some people are still not aware of what CEREC crowns are all about, they need to know that this modern CAD/CAM technology can offer them a fast and easy method to restore their teeth. The best part about it is that there is no need to wear temporary crowns, which can be quite a time consuming process. Basically, it is possible to receive their dental works only after one surgery. This means that this alternative is less painful.

The Most Essential Features

When it comes to the creation and placement of traditional crowns, it is required to receive temporary types and wait for several weeks for final products. Patients had to undergo two different surgeries. It’s no wonder many of them feel scared about this dental service. The good news is that there is a better alternative provided by CEREC crowns. It makes sense to mention that this technology is all about the right ceramic reconstruction.

This is when high quality porcelain crowns must be milled, as this is what makes them very durable. Besides, it is possible to prepare a wide range of veneers, inlays, and onlays using different ceramic materials and the same technology. Patients need to know that CEREC crowns have a number of benefits, but they should entrust all the processes related to their placement only to real dental professionals. For instance, it is advisable to turn to the most reputable Stones Crossing Dental Office.

The Main Benefits That Can Be Expected

teeth with CEREC crownsWhen choosing those crowns, people are able to receive them the same day, so there is no need to handle the discomfort involved in a standard waiting period. It is true that these are durable, strong, and can be used right away. There are different procedures involved in their placement. The main ones include tooth preparation, anesthesia, implantation, ceramic fabrication, impressions, and some others.

In addition, the creation of all CEREC crowns include teeth grinding, taking different pictures, sending this information to a special 3D software program, and after that computers design the dental implants that are suitable for the particular patient. The tasks performed by computer systems allow innovative machines to mill specific porcelain crowns. After that these are checked for the mouth of clients. This step is required in order to make sure that those crowns are designed properly. Dentists need to check them against people’s bite, and they also need to ensure that their color is suitable.

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